Big Canvases

These larger than life paintings were inspired during 2020 COVID pandemic…

 Prior in 2019 I was doing some design work for a flatware company in China of forks, knives and spoons. It was in December 2019 when China was in the midst of the beginning of COVID that I lost this work prior to the pandemic hitting the US. Rather than being depressed about it, I decided to get motivated and took advantage of my free time in early 2020. So I started this abstract series that shows pieces full of energy and life. I began by doing small studies on watercolor paper in gouache that then transformed into the final pieces that measure up to 8 feet tall. The series is acrylic on canvas (with my silk from my clothing collection incorporated within). Some pieces were painted with large strokes from brooms. These represent the strength of yang while silk ones are more soft and subdued yin. Since I still  had access to Chinese newsprint at the time, I collaged actual articles of newspaper into some of the pieces as COVID was happening. These pieces are historic in the sense that they show what was being said in the news from China during this time. In the end, this series represents how the world is really all one and connected and how
we are all subject to the same challenges of life!

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