My Story

Welcome ...

 MLance atelier boutique offers one-of-a-kind pieces created from natural fibers all hand-dyed with locally foraged flora, herbs, and minerals. Some pieces are upcycled from vintage clothes or scraps, thus reversing waste and being a part of the slow fashion world, compared to fast fashion. "My vision creates a space in which versatile wearables and art come together with intentional, hand-made, sustainable practices".

 "Working with textiles and clothes started circa 2009 when my husband, also an artist, had the idea of throwing me in a pool and photographing me underwater...he asked if I could dye large pieces of silk to move with. Looking at these large pieces of silk, I realized I could put my sewing skills to use and so designed my first collection of beautiful flowing clothes.

 My love for art began when I was 9 and met my best friend whose parents were both artists. I loved being in their house, space and how it made me feel. Soon I found myself in ballet class and a paintbrush in my hand. I performed with Laguna’s local ballet company until I was 19 that took me on stage.

 During my schooling, I spent a year abroad in France. In order to afford my tuition, I got a job as a sewer. Later I went to art school and continued to sew my way through college never imagining that one day I would do a full circle and design clothes.

So, I am an artist, designer, and dancer
You might say I am ADD ..."

~ Michelle Lance